by Serge Egelman

phpSNMP is a suite of scripts developped for easily managing SNMP data for ISP customers. Since most ISPs calculate billing based on 95th percentile of usage, which is determined by taking SNMP at 5 minute intervals, phpSNMP makes parsing this data much easier. phpSNMP reads the data from a MySQL database and then allows the user to make queries after entering the customer name and the billing period (month and year). phpSNMP can also be used for customers to check their stats, the htaccess features allow a "root" user to have access to all customers' stats, while a customer can only view their stats with their given username/password.

phpSNMP is also used to help maintain the MySQL database that holds the SNMP data. Since the data is from 5 minute intervals usually, the database can grow quite big. phpSNMP saves the results to a file after each query, so that if monthly stats for a customer have already been viewed once and have not been changed, there is no need to waste time querying the database again (and thus wasting time), phpSNMP simply loads an HTML file for viewing. Since all monthly stats will be saved in HTML form, the database is thus backed up. phpSNMP comes bundled with a script to clear out all older entries from the MySQL database (the default is entries greater than 2 months old). This script can be entered into cron and then be executed at the beginning of each month.